Memoir '44: Air Pack - Days of Wonder - NEW UNopened box


I was gifted Memoir '44: Air Pack - Days of Wonder - NEW UNopened box. Can someone help explain why its selling online for so much money?

Other than the desire to have the summary cards for reference, I see no reason why anybody would be interested in the older air pack, other than as a collector or completist.
The NEW FLIGHT PLAN expansion is far superior in playability and in visual enjoyment for me. I have both items and the NEW FLIGHT PLAN hits the table every time I play in person and the old Airpack sits in a box. There are many fan made substitutes for the cards so having them is unnecessary. One example is the wonderful M44Wallet app that can be downloaded and used on your phone (Sean Gambles creator). I use it all the time.


Its worth a lot online because it is out long out of print. Some of the cards in there are freely available online, but the only place to have the physical object is by that pack. Completionists crave it, but it is for the most part obsolete.
Incidentally, other in-demand items are the Campaign books, which are both very difficult to get hold of, and the holy grail for many collectors is the bag. Lower down the scale is the Pacific expansion, which seems to be hard (though not impossible) to get, followed by the Mediterranean set.

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