Lazy Susan for solo play?

Morning everyone. My gaming room is currently very hot indeed, so I’ve been away from the table for a while now. Killing time and taking refuge from the heat in the home improvement store, I came across the idea of making a Lazy Susan. For those of you who don’t know, a Lazy Susan is a rotating table surface which is perhaps best known for use in certain Chinese restaurants. The component to make them is based on bearings and you can screw it to join two pieces of wood to allow the top piece to spin. I found one at a very reasonable price. I plan to cut the top piece of wood to be just a little over the size of a standard board and then glue some narrow pieces of wood on the edges to create a frame. I should then have a spinning surface that can be used to play Memoir solitaire. I have played a lot of solitaire, but I can’t get around the problem of one of the sides being upside down and different to the cards. When I’m tired from playing late at night, this seems to be a factor in me getting muddled and getting everything confused. I’ve abandoned too many games because I realized I was moving units when it wasn’t their turn and other silly mistakes.

I’m going to start putting together my masterpiece this week. Before then, I wonder if there is anything else I should consider before I start cutting bits of wood. My DIY skills are absolutely appalling, and I think it would be best to have a good plan before I even start. Does anyone have experience of using a lazy Susan?

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