Large campaign on a map?


I discovered this forum by looking for campaigns and I must say, this is a cool place to be! Happy to have just signed up and joined!

My question is this: has anyone ever created a really, really long campaign?

My brothers-in-law and I love Memoir and are thinking of doing some campaigns. I had the idea of somehow creating a campaign where you’d have a map of certain theaters of WWII, say the Western Front, and utilize different colored pins at different locations on the map to show ownership or yet to be taken territory. Ex: Each location is a scenario. Maybe a red pin marks an Axis controlled area, a blue pin marks an Allied controlled area, and white marks an uncontrolled area. Both sides go back and forth deciding where to move troops or utilize their forces to capture or recapture areas not in their control. I don’t know how it would work, but there ought to be a reward system for winning a battle; I don’t know if that would involve some sort of monetary system or point system that let’s you spend them to get certain advantages for one time use in the next battle?

Anyway, I liked the idea of being able to mark progress on an actual map with pins, each one symbolizing a scenario. That way we could have a war going for a long, long time and still keep track. Has anyone ever created anything like this? I’ve been searching but haven’t found anything.

Let me know! If not, I guess I have my work cut out for me!


Hey welcome!

Thats a really cool idea, but I don’t know if something like that exists.

However, how about a system that links many existing campaigns? It may work

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Thanks for the welcome!

The closest thing I found was on BGG:

I really like how this guy has each scenario on the map of Normandy listed with a number. It would be easy enough to pin each location to represent who has control over that area and then create rules that help give advantages based off of wins that don’t turn the tide of a battle but do offer a bit of a leg up. Perhaps a certain point value is attributed to a win and a loss, and you can collect points from your wins and losses to redeem them for an extra unit of infantry in one scenario or a medic or something. This would be beneficial for the scenarios that are heavily leaning in favor of one side over another, though the benefits could easily be countered by your opponent utilizing one of their benefits as well. The benefits should also not be overly powerful as to give you a secured win.

And perhaps to win Normandy would involve the Allies being pushed out by the Axis or certain areas being captured by the Allies.

Anyway, I just really like the idea of having a long term objective and the ability to take turns for where on the map you’ll attack next and whatnot. Granted, I know this is only Normandy, but it’s a start nonetheless! I would also love something like this for the Eastern Front as I just really enjoy those scenarios.

A system that links together multiple campaigns would be amazing! Is there anything like that?