[Kursk] Prokhorovka Overlord - July 12, 1943

Topic for after action battle reports: feel free to comment your experience with this scenario!

Scenario link

Here’s my experience: I made a couple of videos that with the before and after state of the map :slight_smile:

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We had a great time playing this scenario on Vassal last weekend.
Commanders on both sides took their first several turns to maneuver to cover and were very hesitant to expose their units.
However, once the action started in the middle it didn’t let up!
Units on the Russian right were maneuvered to the center as reinforcements, the Allied left was stagnant for both sides until the last few turns. The action in the center was furious and deadly for the Germans.
The game ended with a 12-11 win for the Germans. At the end of the game there was just a single armor unit with a single figure left for the Germans in the center. That lonely fellow got the kill for the final medal and the win.
It was a very exciting game played by some of the best players in the world! A fun scenario and a wonderful evening (or night as a Belgian player and a Greek player stayed up all night to play with us).