"It's a belter!" - Short-form recommendation of scenarios

Hi everyone. I really enjoy reading match reports, but I recognized that there may be interest in another type of report on these boards.
Unlike a detailed match report, which tends to be personal and reports the actions and events within the scenario, I think it would be cool to have something that skips over that and simply focuses upon why a particular scenario is worth a go. We all seem to like different scenarios for different reasons, and maybe this will be a good way to find one that matches personal preferences.

I’ll begin with a good one I played last night.

Hlegu Burma from the Through Jungles and Desert printed scenarios pack.
Printed scenarios have various benefits, one of them being that it can be really quick to set the board up. This one is regular size rather than overlord or breakthrough, relatively simple, and with not so many terrain rules to remember. There is a nice story in the difference between British Commonwealth troops and Japanese troops. At only five medals, this one can be played fairly quickly, and I think it is a good one to use with a new player. The balance is fairly good for newbie players, but an interesting challenge for either side if both players have some experience behind them. You could forget the Nation cards, and Combat cards are optional, and if you choose to play again you could add them on subsequent plays to keep it interesting.
Above all, of the printed scenarios I have, I think this is maybe the best one to play with minimal baggage. A nice one to whip out if you don’t have too long.