Issues logging in with facebook


We are experiencing some issues with Facebook login. If you are using facebook to log into Memoir44Fans, please do not log out during the next 1-2 days. You may have trouble logging back in if you decide to log out.


Facebook required some changes to our privacy and terms and conditions page, where we need to state clearly that user accounts may be deleted at a user’s request. This information has been added to the privacy and terms and conditions page, and we are awaiting Facebook’s response to our appeal.

This technically should not be required, since Memoir 44 Fans is operating from within Europe, where the GPDR applies, but they require this to be explicitly and visibly stated. We are now compliant with the rules and login should be operational within the next few hours.

This topic will be updated as the situation develops and will be closed once the Facebook login option is working again.

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Facebook login seems to be working again. If not, please reach out to me directly.

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