Is there supposed to be a church tile in the Memoir 44 base game?

I have recently bought the base game and couldn’t have been happier with it. However, there was one village tile that struck me as ugly that I never used, until I later learned that it is actually a church tile instead. Is the base game supposed to have a church tile? Cause I don’t see anything about them in the base game rules.

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Welcome. There is not a designated church tile in the base game, but later expansions do include them.
for your information, Days of Wonder have a comprehensive list of all terrain types here:
Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder

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Maybe there is some variation in the base game depending on where you buy it, but mine certainly (an English and a Czech version) have the church hex:

I don’t think it had any specific value originally, but if I remember correctly there are a couple of later scenarios where the church is used as a spotter for artillery and also as a snipers perch.

The “CHURCH” tile was included in all the original production games, however, it was just considered at that time as a variant of the “TOWN & VILLAGES” tile. See punch out sheet:

If you go to page #14 of the Base Game Manual you will see the image of this tile under the caption heading Other town & village hexes:

Today, I believe all tiles are produced and packaged in a cellophane slip and not on punch out sheets. I do think that for consistency sake, all base games still have this tile, although not designated as a “Church”.

Good of you to pick up on the fact that it was eventually designated as a “CHURCH” tile when the Air Pack was produced. At that time is was given a particular designation and a separate Terrain Card #19:

Today, when you are playing with the Base Game, you can still just refer to it as a Town & Village tile with no worries.


I have found the scenario I was referring to earlier where the church is used for artillery spotting. It is Venray (October 1944):
‘‘As long as there is a German unit in the church the Axis player uses his artillery as a Big gun (Troops 3)’’

A church is sometimes a temporary medal, and in Saint-mere-eglise (Air Pack) the ‘‘Allies must capture and hold the church to win’’.

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