Is it recommended to have 2 copies of every expansion?

I have read somewhere that it might be required to have 2 copies of the base game or the expansions in order to play some scenarios. If I understood correctly, having the Operation Overlord expansion makes it so you won’t need 2 copies of any of the army packs, since you can use the tokens inside the box to ensure you have enough units for any scenario.

However, there are other expansions still out there (Winter Wars, Terrain Pack, Breakthrough, New Flight Plan) and it isn’t obvious if there is content that requires two copies of any of these expansions. So the question is two-fold:

  1. What type of content demands 2 copies of army packs other than Overlord scenarios?
  2. Is there any use of having 2 copies of Winter Wars, Terrain Pack, Breakthrough or New Flight Plan?

This is a good question that seems to come up a lot. Here’s my take:

  1. If you don’t like the “chits” or unit counters from the Overlord expansion, you probably need 2 of the Theater expansions to play Overlord or some big Breakthrough scenarios.

  2. If you want to put multiple Breakthrough maps together (D-Day Expansion) you probably need as many Winter Wars expansions as you will have Breakthrough maps. I really don’t like using the regular deck for Breakthrough, and Breakthrough is far and away my favorite format for the game.

  3. Same thing with New Flight Plan - if you want to use it with multiple Breakthrough maps together, you need one for each BT map.

Other than these situations, I wouldn’t bother having two unless you want to cook up your own scenarios and want lots of terrain tiles to play with. In that case, you probably need two Terrain Packs, two of each Theater expansion, and two Winter Wars.

Interested to see other players’ takes on the question.

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In a word, depends.

I have 2 base sets and two each of the Mediterranean, Eastern Front and Pacific War sets. I only have one Winter Wars and Terrain pack.

The reason I have these is that me and my son play Overlord games fairly regularly and although we have the Overlord set we don’t enjoy the game as much with the counters.

We also regularly as a family play two linked games at the same time (Me versus the wife, my Son Versus my daughter playing games like Nijmegen and Arnhem) so two of everything is handy.

Another reason I got a second set was Memoir 44 stuff has a habit of disappearing out of stock for ages and I didn’t want to regret not getting them.

Also, you are likely to need more terrain hexes than come with one expansion if you play Overlord games hence the need for two boxes.

However, for Breakthrough games you dont need two of each expansion and you can certainly enjoy a huge number of games with out doubling up on the expansions.

So, if you fancy gaming Overlord games, you’ll need to double up on your expansions, but otherwise there is plenty to do with Memoir 44 if you don’t.



Welcome to the forum @pgp1815 and @Bazza! These are some great first contributions from both of you, thank you for taking the time to answer and enjoy your new medals :slight_smile:

So I guess it might be a given that playing with the counters from Overlord isn’t that satisfying. In this case, do people really need the Overlord expansion? If you’re going to have 2 base sets and 2 army packs of each kind, does the Overlord expansion really add anything useful?

This hadn’t occured to me before. So the idea, assuming you don’t have the D-Day Expansion, you’d have to own multiple copies of the Breakthrough boards, assemble them together and play each board with its own Breakthrough deck? This seems like it would need plently of terrain hexes… :astonished:

The Overlord expansion provides an Overlord card deck which you’ll need for any games. It also comes with more dice.

I have the D Day maps and they are much bigger than the breakthrough boards and too be honest I dont think you could replicate them.

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What if you buy a second base set instead of Overlord? Couldn’t you just use the dice and the 2 decks you would have at that point? :thinking:

You need the second game board anyway… I guess we kind of need a buying guide :slight_smile: