Is carpet bombing overpowered?

When you play carpet bombing it comes the ability to roll two dice on each unit and one dice on each adjacent unit stars score hits and flags can’t be ignored. It feels kind of over powdered targeting 3 units are in a triangle because you have the chance to roll 4 dice on each unit total. I’m not sure if I just interpreted the card wrong.

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Yes, you are definitely interpreting the card wrong. The cards states:

So, to begin you are only marking one single hex that contains an enemy unit with a single bomb marker.

So, this is only two dice on this single hex and this enemy unit.

So if there are only units in two hexes adjacent to the target hex, only two total additional dice would be rolled. One on each of those hexes. This would be a grand total of 4 dice, NOT 4 dice on each hex.


I further elaborated on a similar question on the Board Game Geek website. Here is the link to a more detailed response: