Is another base game worth it?

Hi just got into M44 with my brother and we have the base game, new flight plan, operation overlord, and khalkhin-gol battle map.

I was wondering if it is really worth it to get another base game or if I should just get the expantions



I was lucky enough to get hold of a second base game relatively cheaply, so of course I have a second board for big scenarios, plus the extra terrain tiles.
I don’t have any expansions, but I print off various tiles, cards, rules, etc. as and when I need them. There are plenty of resources online for this.
So that works for me.
I would say it depends on what scenarios you want to get into and how deeply.
To start with maybe just go with what you have, rather than spending too much money before you really know what you both want to focus on.

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This is a great question and one that pretty much every Memoir '44 player has at some point. I’ve seen people recommend that people go out and buy whatever they can as the answer to this question, but that’s really not a good answer.
Of course anyone would enjoy having everything available, but to me this question is more of like “What is the next Memoir '44 box I should get?”, and that really depends on how you’re enjoying the game:

You mentioned having the New Flight Plan, Operation Overlord and Khalkhin-Gol battle map. Did you get a chance to try out the Overlord format? What are you and your brother been enjoying the most?

This is my opinion, but I find that buying a second copy of the base game is just important if you want to go all in on overlord battles which requires 2 boards, or if you want to have more terrain hexes. If you’re after terrain hexes, the Terrain Pack is a much better option since it gives you new terrain to explore and unlocks all sorts of scenarios that require it. It’s also cool in the sense you get to play only with game miniatures, and you can leave out the chits that came in the Overlord expansion. At the end of the day, keep in mind that there are probably tens if not hundreds of scenarios you can play with the boxes you currently have. If you’re excited and still want to treat yourself to something new, read on :slight_smile:

If you’ve been enjoying the standard format games then I’d suggest the Pacific Theater expansion since it adds a new army and terrain and you don’t need a different board to play it. Bonus points for all the great scenarios there are for the Pacific Theater. If you’d like to try out playing in a different board but still in standard format, there are some great scenarios in the Eastern Front expansion as well.

I enjoy some of the bigger battles in Overlord format, but I find it works better in groups of 6-8 players. If you’ve tried Overlord and you enjoy it, maybe you should get the Through Jungle and Desert expansion, which adds a couple more Overlord maps.

My last suggestion would be to browse the #campaigns-and-scenarios category and look for all the campaigns in the western front. You might need to get a Terrain Pack expansion to play some of the scenarios, but just take a shot at playing those scenarios you can. There are dozens of scenarios there from all sorts of historical events that will keep you going for a long time without needing to buy another box. It might not be the collector’s option, but if you’re looking to save as many bucks as you can or if you just don’t want to invest a lot into the game, I think this is one of the better options :wink:


Thanks this helps a lot, and yes I am thinking of getting the terrain pack and pacific and also more battle maps.


If you are thinking of really getting into the game and buying all the expansions you can, then trust me, you will eventually want another base game :grin:


A second Base game is key to play Overlord scenarios AND more important to introduce friends to the game. If you can gather 4 folks together you can play 2 games of same scenario at same time. Then either swap sides or swap opponents.

I created a monthly “study group” for pizza, beer and Memoir44 instead of a book club. The three newbies loved it.


I don’t caremuch for Overlord as such, but I see it as a bonus, and of course it allows you to properly play the various battle maps with minis. The main benefit, as far as I’m concerned, is ability to play two games simultaneously. As Maxjoezach mentioned, it is a fine way to introduce new players to the game. I also like that you would have some more miniatures, meaning you could paint them differently to indicate specialist units. You have a few more sandbags and an extra set of cards and so on. In my case, I have a set that I keep for my own personal enjoyment, and another set that I can pull out and play with the wife or kids sometime. I say go for it.

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