How to use command rules

Ok so for example on the US marine command rules it says that the player may activate one more unit in a section they are commanding. So how often can you do this or does this happen for all of the US player’s turn?

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You can do this for all the US player’s turn (it’s very powerful but you need it to balance the imperial japanese army super soldiers)


What about the USSR command rules because they kinda suck

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If you are the russian player, at the end of your turn, you draw a card and then you choose one of your cards and put it under the token before your opponant play a card. Then your opponent play his turn. Then you play the card wich is under your token or you can play from your hand a counter-attack or a recon 1 (in this case, the card under the token will be played at the next turn and you don’t choose a card after drawing at the end of your turn).
You play normaly the card ambush.


Yes, the soviet comissar is the guy who approved the officers orders, so you get delayed one turn to simulate that bureocracy.

It’s a challenging mechanic, there are some scenarios that use it and others that do not.


I really love playing with the Commissar and I think it is actually very beneficial with new players.
It forces you to think several turns ahead, to try to anticipate what your opponent will do (as opposed to reacting), create a plan, and then stick to it.
If you can play and win with the Commissar, you will do very well without!