How to handle missing and damaged items for Memoir '44

A few months ago I received my first ever expansion for Memoir '44 – Eastern Front! In the middle of all of the Russian miniatures I counted one less infantry than advertised and in its place was this headless tank:

Being a gift, I was not sure I would be able to reclaim my missing infantry using the support. But rest assured, it is possible! All I had to do was to follow the instructions in this link and send a couple of pictures. Soon enough (about a month), I was provided with a replacement for the missing infantry, and I got to keep the headless tank which looks kind of cool!

Did you have any broken or weird pieces shipped to you in the M44 content that you’ve bought? Let us know :slight_smile:


One of my sandbags is malformed and noticeably smaller than the others in the box. I actually quite like it. Unfortunately, it seems support has now ended for defective items, at least from Days of Wonder. They now suggest taking it back to the retailer. Ah well.

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Ben, if you live in the US, I will be glad to mail you a replacement. My dog ate some of mine years ago and I got extras from an Ebay sale.

oops! just looked up your info and noticed you are in Japan.

Probably not paying for overseas shipping during Christmas LOL. So my suggestion is a craft store where you might get some Milliput. It is great when used for moulding stuff. So make your own replacement.

Thanks very much anyway! What I have, despite being malformed, is still absolutely fine to play with, so I can manage for now, I’ll look into the putty though, might be good for some customizing.