How do you find new people to play with?

I typically find it easy to try the game out with friends and they usually like the experience, but there isn’t any “wargaming group” that plays it anywhere near me (and I live close to Lisbon). How do you find people to play with? Do you attend boardgaming groups?

I would like to start my own local chapter for the game, but I don’t feel comfortable enough with the rules yet. Perhaps if I could grow the group large enough I could host tournaments! One can dream… :slight_smile:

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I’m doing the same thing as you and this is my experience right now. It may not help but I thought I’d share just in case.

I have a group of about 7 board game friends who I play with regularly. When I find a new game like M44, I just think about who might enjoy it and invite them in for a game. This is exactly what I am doing tonight with my friend Jon. I expect him to be as enthralled by it as me and I just cannot wait for this evening.

Next up I contacted my local wargaming group I play X-Wing at. To be honest, my request for a game of M44 in that group wasn’t as popular as I thought it would be but I do have one game lined up for next week and there’s always the chance of inviting other players from that group to come and try it. Which is exactly what I will do.

I would then turn to facebook to contact my local board game group and then maybe try and find other groups that may exist for either M44 or board games.

Other options include asking non-gamer friends/colleagues who have shown some interest in the hobby. Some of us join the hobby late (I’m 36 and I only started playing games 4yrs ago) and maybe we just need an invite to find it.

There’s also M44 Online but I’m yet to try that.

Keep us updated of how you get on :slight_smile:

The Vassal Mod is outstanding. Play live or by email throughout the world.'44

David, you surprised me with the possibility of playing through email. Have you tried it yet? Care to share your experience? :slight_smile:

I have played folks in England and Germany. We play live on Vassal and use message typing. You can also use Skype or other IPN services. I have also played by email. Both are fun

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I am a constant user of the Vassal program and am part of a ladder tournament that has been using Vassal for years. I live in the US but have played opponents from Australia, Greece, Malaysia, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, France, etc.

I also used email games in the past, but it far easier to use Skype and chat with your opponent in real time. It allows for a much more personal and enjoyable gaming experience. I would be glad to assist anyone who is unfamiliar with the program to learn to use it.

Bart de Groot, one of the developers of the Memoir’44 Module for Vassal has put out an excellent user video as well:

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