Homemade replacement insert for Memoir '44 Base Game

I needed a way to protect my painted minis for Memoir ’ 44 so I created this replacement insert.

I used 5mm black foam core and this is the open box with cards, dice, and minis separated by compartment. The badges, medals, bunker/bridge tokens, wire, beach obstacles, and sandbags are in a Plano box for ease of storage and setup.

The small thin storage box for the terrain tiles fits over top of the Plano case and dice & cards section.

Here you can see the open box with the 44 terrain tiles sitting in layers.

And here the terrain tile box inserted in the larger box, minis still exposed.

Now the minis are covered with a piece of 1/4 foam. I also have a piece in the bottom of each minis compartment to protect them in transit.

The lid of the terrain box has a lip to hold the game board in place as well as the raised side of the artillery compartment so it does not move when the box is closed. (sorry for the bad flash!!)

The game manual fits on the top of all the contents and then of course the lid which I did not photograph.

Hope you enjoy.


Very nice. Looks like a lot of thought and effort went into your system.

Thanks for your kind remarks. I have done this before with some other games and have also watched some youtube videos of other peoples efforts of making their own inserts and so I had a good bit of information as to how to proceed when I decided to tackle this project myself.

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Welcome to the Forum @NOPAC!

I also found this incredibly useful. I’ve been looking at an efficient storage solution for all of my Memoir '44 content, but it pains me a bit to move to tackle boxes when the game boxes look so good. This is a great way of maximizing what you can store in a Memoir '44. Bonus points for keeping the boards and booklets in mind!

Where do you get the foam core for this? I don’t know where I’d be able to get some.

Foamcore is sold in a variety of venues. It is often sold in Office Supply stores as business people use it for display items. It is sold in Artist Supply stores as artist use it to construct projects for art classes. When I was in college you could always find it at the store that supplied the architecture students. They used it to construct 3-D models of their designs. And if you have access, I find the best place a Walmart where they sell it for high school students to use in science display projects.

Here is the first of a (4) video series to give you some ideas if you have never used foamcore:


I’m new to this group and I saw you mentioned plans for this idea. Where can I find those?

Really like this idea as the eraptor inserts leave everything loose. As previously commented can you provide a plan of your insert and foam thicknesses? thanks


Here is a site with an photo image of my plan. You are welcome to use and share.


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Thanks I appreciate it!