Help With Classified Maps

I’m interested in the Operation Epsom scenarios done by Brummbar, jdrommel, and Richard himself (RBorg) but the maps are classified. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but what expansion, or book are these scenarios in?

If anyone can help me find these I’d really appreciate it.


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Pont de l’Odon is in Campaign Book 1.
Le Corridor Écossais is in Campaign Book 2.
Operation Epsom is in the Equipment Pack.


I played Epsom using 6mm models on 10cm hexagon terrain. We played the battle twice, changing sides. Battle report here: Operation Epsom – 27th June 1944 – General Whiskers’ semi-historical wanderings

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Thank you for the feedback, it was really helpful.

Unfortunately CB2 is no longer for sale and although the equipment pack rules are online the scenarios are not.

Again, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Very nice terrain! Good to see another 6mm player.

From searching on
Browse Items (6 total) Search: Operation Epsom Collection: Memoir '44

Capturing the Crossing Scenario#: 4185 Date: 6/26/1944 Location: Cheux, France
The main thrust of Operation Epsom began at 0700 hrs. on June 26th. Early British progress was good, with solid artillery support and even some naval gunfire. It looked like the way was clear. The forward German positions, however, were …
Memoir '44 — Campaign Book Vol 1

Hill 112 Scenario#: 1558 Date: 7/11/1944 Location: Maltot, France
Montgomery began a frontal assault on the city of Caen on July 7. At the same time, he renewed attacks west of the city to capture the high ground between the rivers Odon and Orne. Part of this high ground …
Memoir '44 — Campaign Book Vol 1

Operation Epsom Scenario#: 10962 Date: 6/27/1944 Location: Tourmauville, France
Operation Epsom was General Montgomery’s plan to outflank and seize the German-occupied city of Caen. VIIIth British Corps’ main objective was to break through the German lines by crossing the Odon River and driving for Hill 112. On June 26, …
Memoir '44 — Equipment Pack

Securing the Flank Scenario#: 4187 Date: 6/25/1944 Location: Fontenay le Pesnel, France
In preparation for Montgomery’s Operation Epsom, the 49th Infantry Division, nicknamed the Polar Bears because of their arm patch, was ordered to take the town of Fontenay le Pesnel. Their second objective was to secure Raury and the heights that …
Memoir '44 — Campaign Book Vol 1

The Scottish Corridor Scenario#: 6822 Date: 6/26/1944 Location: Tourmauville, France
After the set back of Operation Perch at Villers-Bocage, Montgomery launched a new offensive with VIIIth British Corps in order to outflank Caen on the right. On June 26, Operation Epsom began with an infantry attack; the 15th Scottish Division …
Memoir '44 — Campaign Book Vol 2

Withdrawal from Hill 112 Scenario#: 4186 Date: 6/29/1944 Location: Baron, France
On June 29, Operation Epsom entered its fourth day. The British were holding onto a salient that incorporated high ground known as Hill 112 on the far side of the Odon River, near the village of Baron. The British 11th …
Memoir '44 — Campaign Book Vol 1


Thank you Hudson, I appreciate it.

Wargames Scenarios is excellent - I have used it to collect (and play) many scenarios.
But I recently had trouble navigating it - so thanks for pointing me back in the right direction!
This is the main MM44 page:

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