Facebook Login will be disabled in May 2024

Hey Memoir '44 Fans,

While I’ve not had the opportunity to post here frequently, I’ve been silently maintaining the server and forum software in the sidelines. One of the integrations we’ve had active on the forum for quite a while is Facebook login: we have around 75 users registered on M44 Fans using their Facebook account and some also log in regularly using Facebook.

When people register using Facebook, we read their name and email to set up an account on M44 Fans. There has been a policy change in Facebook that 1) defines access to name and email as “advanced access” and 2) requires a business verification to allow integrations with Facebook that require “advanced access”. You can read more about that policy here.

This is an independent project created by me with the point of providing a platform for fans of Memoir '44, and understandably there is no legal business entity behind this project, just me. I will not be able to complete the business verification that Facebook requires and thus we will lose access to Facebook login at some point after May 19th, 2024.
If you log in with Facebook on this site, you won’t lose access to your account; All you need to do is click the I forgot my password link in the log in form and provide your M44 Fans username or Facebook account email. An email will be sent to you and you’ll be able to set up a regular username/password log in.

As an alternative option, I’m allowing those users with existing Facebook logins to register new accounts and then get in touch with me (through direct message here in the forum), and I’ll merge the old and new accounts in a way that favorites, likes and posts are not lost. Feel free to reach out and ask questions if you’re considering this option.

Soon after we lose access to Facebook login I will delete my personal Facebook/Meta Developer account and all links/buttons about creating accounts and logging in with Facebook.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Hello Goncalo! Just a quick word to say thank you for all you do. Absolutely no need to apologize either!