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Just purchased the base game used. Waiting for it to come in the mail. I have played a handful of times at conventions. Introduced my wife to it last year and she loved it. When we do play at cons it is Overload with 8 players. We would love to get to that level with our local group but kinda dismayed at the prices for all the expansions and battle maps.

Do you need the battle maps to play overload scenarios or can you do it with Base + OO?

For now I am looking forward to playing with my wife until we can get the extra stuff.

Thank you for any input.


If you have 2 base games you can play overlord. There is actually an Overlord Omaha Beach scenario in the base game manual.


USE Vassal. Tons of scenarios. http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Memoir_'44

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Welcome to the forum!

I appreciate playing with physical components, so I’m not a huge fan of Board Game Simulator implementations or Vassal. I would consider it only if it’s hard to find opponents.
If you have someone to play with, you’ll take a fair bit of time to go through the whole set of base scenarios. Be sure to play them on both sides!

If you really value competitive play, you can use tournament rules, which I think are like follows:

  • Play scenario in one side, write down victory medals and enemy figures taken down
  • Replay scenario on the other side, write down victory medals and enemy figures taken down
  • Count the total victory medals you won on both sides and have your opponent do the same.
  • If one of you has more victory medals, then that is the winner for the scenario
  • If you tied on victory medals, the player with more kills wins the scenario

This is something that I didn’t know in the beginning, and it gives you significant replay value just with the base set. If you are enjoying the games then I would say that is the right time to start picking out expansions. Which expansion to get depends on several things, but the Terrain Pack seems like a great first pick.

If you have any questions that come up during play, post them here so you can get some help :slight_smile:

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