Dutch Army & Special Weapons

There are no plastic figures for the Dutch,so what I have done is used Hat Romanian Inf. Their uniforms are so close. All you have to do is change the colors.The Special Weapons on the other hand are Dutch.I got from SHQ Miniatures and they are metal. So here are pictures of my Dutch Army.
If you would like to see what is out in plastic you can go to Plastic Soldier Review site, it has reviews of all plastic figures made from the 1960s to today.Go to the home page and on the left side click on Periods.Go down to WWII. They only do reviews,they do not sell.



Great job!
I know Plastic Soldier Review and use it a lot - great for checking out what is good and not so good.
I have used HaT Polish infantry for my Slovak army, but I read that the Romanian figures are even closer to the real Slovak uniforms.
Glad to hear they did the job for the Dutch.
SHQ are. also excellent

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