Dressing up your PzIVs

I thought I would show you what it would look like to put some skirts on your PzIVs. All it took was a sheet of plasic,a good pair of scissors,some glue and some time - about two days. I made 12 of them. I wanted to have a little change on the board. Injoy


Thats really cool! Ive very recently started to make custom terrain and paint my armies, and have a lot to do before i get to this stage of modification. Very slick.


Excellent work. I am sure you had fun being creative and it makes the game more enjoyable when you see these on the board. Thanks for sharing!


Welcome to the forum! What a great first post, an original idea and great turnout. They look so well painted and dressed up that I can’t even tell: are these actually Memoir '44 minis?? If so, amazing job, they look stunning.