Do the extra boards come with a scenario booklet?

I’m currently tracking down Winter/Desert boards as well as Breakthrough, and I would like to know if they come with a scenario booklet. This is because I am able to find some in Spanish and French, but I’d like to keep all of my booklets in English if possible.

I do own a physical copy and it comes with a 2 page booklet. One in English and one in French. Very little in the way of new documentation. One is a very brief “Blitz Rules” sectiion and a somewhat longer Simplified Campaign Rules and Die Roll Results table. Here is a link to the rules;

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This means I can safely grab a French copy then, thanks @crucesdave! :slight_smile:

Yesterday I also watched an unboxing of Breakthrough, and it seems to come with a scenario booklet (15 scenarios, I think), and that comes in English / French as well. Problem solved :slight_smile: