Days of Wonder announces 2020 reprint of core expansions

Finally we hear from Days of Wonder regarding the reprints that were long overdue for Memoir '44. According to the official post, linked below, the following expansions are due to come back in stock before the end of 2020:

  • Mediterranean Theater
  • Pacific Theater
  • Eastern Front
  • Winter Wars
  • Winter / Desert Board
  • Operation Overlord
  • Terrain Pack

These are all the confirmations, leaving out the Breakthrough Boards as well as the Battle Map series that had been promised earlier by some board game stores (but not officially).

Reprints are always welcome, and this might bring a lot of boxes into the hands of new players and other fans that have patiently awaited this moment for some time (3-4 years in the case of Pacific Theater)

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yes! finally! still need the eastern front and pacific theater-expansion. can’t wait :slight_smile:

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I haven’t played the pacific yet, but I know you’re going to enjoy the Eastern Front! A lot of people have been waiting for the Pacific reprint, it has been a really long time since it’s been out of print :slight_smile:

I follow a couple of stores such as,, as well as some price comparison websites that also check stock in stores like and and I’ll keep watch until it hits the stores, then I’ll try to report back which stores you can buy from :wink: