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I have a couple of rules questions on which I was unable to find an answer on any FAQ…
If a unit is forced to retreat two hexes, and the first hex on which it retreats is a terrain on which a unit is supposed to stop when it enters (village, forest…), does it have to stop and loose one figure or, because it retreats may it just keep on retreating and go through ?
The card Street Fight says « a unit next or on a building hex »… is a bridge considereed as a building or not ?

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While retreating you ignore movement restrictions (unless the hex is impassable)

I don’t know about the City fighting deck, I don’t have it :frowning:


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As for the Street Fight card, it comes from the Winter Wars deck. In the extension booklets, it says « man made buildings » (the card says only « buildings »). As a bridge is man made, I suppose it counts even thoughit is not a building stricto senso.


A bridge is not a building in that it is not an enclosed space and has no dice reductions for battling into it. A village , town, fortress, castle, etc. count as buildings.
Think of the context of the card as house to house fighting within enclosed compartmented spaces.
The Urban Combat Deck, of which you speak, has card UC03 titled House to House. The text for this particular card reads:

1 ordered INFANTRY unit may move onto a Building hex and still Close Assault.
Other terrain movement and battle restrictions still apply.

This entire pack of Combat Cards came with the SWORD OF STALINGRAD battle map.

The rules manual for that expansion is here:

As regards the use of the Card for Street Fight, it must have the icon in the corner and here is the text:

Street Fight
When a Combat card features the
Street Fight symbol, you may either play the card as written OR as a Street Fight action.
Street Fight action: One ordered unit in, or next to, a Building hex may Close Assault with 1 additional die.


The one in the Winter Wars deck does not have the street fight icon, it has the tenacity icon and it says it is valid for tanks as well as for infantry.
Your answer makes sense anyway as indeed a unit does not have to stop when entering a bridge and it does not block line of sight as a building does.
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