Command card DIY Resources!

Have your cards ever been lost, broken?
Or do you just need a translation for the cards?
Anyway, I have remade the empty commands card(ENG version) in a High resolution.
And I have made the Chinese version through the edit already. (To prevent the illegal copies, I would only show a part of them).
Just do what you like!

Collection: Google Drive


I am so sorry to say that as a new user, I could only upload one media at first time.

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Example “Air Power”

Chinese translation “Their Finest Hour” 就很舒服

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Great idea.
I have an English and a Czech version of the game, but I don’t know what other languages it has been printed in.

The original one should be French and as I know the official translation may only be English(There are only the two languages in the Memoir’44 Online ). The other languages’ translations should be unofficial.

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