Chattanooga Open

Pics from D-Day Landings and day one of the tournament. Day 2 will begin soon…


More pics from day 2:


Final Standings:

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Looks like you are having a good time.
Some interesting-looking storage boxes and other paraphernalia - would it be possible to show some of these things in more detail? Thanks.

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I didn’t take any pictures specifically of them and now everything is packed up, traveling home or put away!

We had everything from custom box inserts to plastic storage containers to just the regular old box :grin:


Great pics Jon. Btw, in the trophy pic, which fellow was the winner?

Will you be holding another Winter Wars gathering this December?

The winner was Rich(M44General) in the blue shirt second from the right. Dan(Winn81) was second and is standing far right. To the other side of Rich is Mike, who got third.

Don’t know if we’ll do Winter Wars yet, but I’m sure there will be something on the agenda!


Thanks Jon. Here’s looking to that.