Caves rules clarification

Caves on Hills / Caves on Mountains (Terrain 52/53) say ‘‘Allied infantry … may seal it by rolling by a STAR…’’. I assume this means that the Axis unit is therefore eliminated…

I have always assumed that the cave cannot be sealed if it is occupied because the Allies must first move onto it before making the roll.

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Thanks. Sounds logical, but let’s look at the full wording:
‘‘Allied Infantry moving onto Cave hex may seal it by rolling a STAR in Close Assault, in lieu of battling, if adjacent hexes are clear of enemy.’’
The Close Assault bit is confusing. This Command Card says ‘‘Issue an order to all … units adjacent to enemy units… after a success … they may Take Ground…’’
So, after they defeat the enemy on the cave hex and overrunning it (using a Close Assault), instead of battling again they can throw dice (three I assume) - but only with another Close Assault card?
Or, after defeating the enemy (with whatever card), on the next move they have to use a Close Assault to seal the caves? But why Close Assault? Why not any card?

I think here the card is just worded in a confusing manner.
The Pacific rules tell you to roll the number of dice that the unit would normally use for a Close Assault.

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Great - thanks. (I don’t have the Pacific stuff.)