Campaignbook vol.2 Normandy BreakThrough

Hi Memoir 44 fans. Since the BreakThrough expansion came out again I became really a fan of BT scenarios, it’s great fun! Now the Campaignbook vol.2 is still not available anywhere the Normandy BreakThrough in it stays unappreciated. If I could purchase the Campaign book vol.2 I would just to be able to play the Normandy Break Through campaign. Anyone got a tip where I can find the scenarios of the Normandy BreakThrough campaingn from the Campaignbook vol.2? It’s a long shot but it would be great!


Here are the scenarios from the DoW site; the maps are “extended breakthrough” format and are longer than standard Breakthrough, but…you might be able to engineer something…


Thnks for taking the effort to reply

I’m sorry if my offering seems…lackluster. I’m in the same boat, in fact.
Presently I am assembling and trimming large sheets of foam core to HAND PAINT the maps for DDay onto.
Six, huge maps.

I’m not sure entirely how its going to work out, but the $$$ involved in purchasing it (unless it gets a reprint) is simply too much for a scenario I’ll likely only table once or twice in the rest of my years.

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They have always been a bit of a rip-off.
Why did they make these maps for such limited scenarios?
They did their fans a disservice by not releasing a completely revamped game, with better figures, more scenarios, and a consolidation of all the various expansions and rules.

Ahh, wow. Well, I disagree. I’ll leave it at that.


Disagree as well. You can always create your own content and DOW gives away the opportunity to use their scenario resources in content and SFTF.

Also, if you play Memoir’44 on VASSAL, you have access to the D-Day Landings and other canmpaign book scenarios.


Maybe I am missing something, but isn’t a Breakthrough map just the same as having two base maps?

You are thinking of the Overlord maps. Breakthrough is the same width as the regular board, but taller.(13x17 hexes).


So if I put two regular boards together I have the same (albeit with an overlap in the middle)?
Actually, even slightly bigger - 13 x 18.

I think it would look rather messy since the medal tracks are in the way.
If you can find a way of doing it neatly I’m sure that a lot of people who haven’t been able to get hold of the Breakthrough maps would be very interested.
You could print your own, but if you want all 3 theatres it could get pricey if you don’t have access to cheap large format printing.

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