Best place to sell my Memoir 44 collection?

Hi guys I hope you are well. I am looking for advice on the bet place to sell my Memoir 44 collection, which I mostly did not use, and I figured the Memoir 44 forum would have the most knwoledgeable people. My reaso for selling all of this is that I thought I would like the game and allowed myself to be hyped into impulsively buying it all, which is one of the few times I made this kind of mistake. C’est la vie.

I have (located in central Europe):

Memoir 44 (opened and used twice, cards all sleeved and contents bagged)

Memoir 44: Eastern Front (unopened and still in shrinkwrap)

Memoir 44: Mediterranean Front (unopened and still in shrinkwrap)

Memoir 44: New Flight Plan (opened and never used, cards all sleeved and contents bagged)

Memoir 44: Operation Overlord (opened and never used, cards all sleeved and contents unpunched)

Memoir 44: Pacific Theater (unopened and still in shrinkwrap)

Memoir 44: Winter Wars (unopened and still in shrinkwrap)

Memoir 44: Winter/Desert Board Map (unopened and still in shrinkwrap)

I want to sell it as a collection and ideally do not want to deal with the hassle of Ebaying everything individually.

Can you please advise:

  1. The best place to advertise these?
  2. What would be the best price for this collection?

Many thanks. :slight_smile:


Ebay is the obvious choice I woud say. They would get snapped up I’m sure.
I have just typed Memoir 44 into my Ebay page and these came up:

The biggest issue is going to be postage, especially is someone from overseas wants them (like me!).
Sorry, I was automatically assuming you are in the UK - but now I see you say central Europe. I am in Prague, where are you?

My Germany Ebay page came up with these.

People on this Forum would also be interested - I seem to remember some asking where they can buy expansions.

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Hi pragueimp, thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. Yes I know Ebay is always an option. but I really can’t be assed to list everything separately and then go through the hassle of shipping it all individually, it’s a major time sink. I would prefer to sell it for as much of a group buy as possible. Maybe I will also try BGG.

I am in Switzerland and there is not much in a the way of a Memoir 44 scene here.

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Just looking on Ebay again, there are a couple of people offering bundles:

EUR 289

EUR 360

GBP 140

And they are all secondhand.

If I had the money I jump in my car and be on the way to Switzerland!

If you don’t mind shipping to Austria and you speak German, you could also try Willhaben. It’s like Ebay Kleinanzeigen and it’s free.

Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who gave advice and input. I sold it for cost price to someone local to me, so didn’t lose anything and made another person happy. Hope you all stay healthy and have a great Christmas period! :slight_smile: :grin: