Battle Report - General Kamikaze

I’m new, I’m keen and I thought I might share my experience with M’44 so far.

Game 1: Pegasus Bridge - Played with my young Son, for now I’ll call him Tank Boy (TB) as he’s keen to get them to the table.

We played the other day. We took a turn on either side but the aim of this game was to simply pick up the basics. We both walked away wanting to play more and I walked away smug with two victories.

Last night…
Game 2: Pegasus Bridge - vs my friend, Jon.

We played PB so I could show Jon how to play, I played as the Germans Round 1. Jon had a great first turn with ‘Direct from the HQ’ and immediately got to work. I hid in forests and attacked from afar but ultimately, Jon won out.

Round 2, with Jon as the Germans. I had no such luck on my card draw and with all my cards seemingly based on the flanks in the few first turns, Jon managed to claim another victory. Oh the shame :unamused:

Game 3: Saint Mere-Eglise - vs Jon.

The child that I am was so excited to perform the air drop round 1. It’s such a fun little mechanic but to my detriment, I managed to lose two units…I’m already starting to think this game doesn’t like me. A good opening for me followed but I then ordered units to fire in the wrong order and before I knew it, having not killed off that isolated unit in the centre early on, I’ve lost round 1.

Round 2 didn’t go any better for me. Jon landed all four of his units which I felt gave him a huge advantage and even though I got my armour unit out early, his ‘Air Power’ destroys two tanks and my hopes with it. That’s the fourth round I’ve lost in a row and I’ve realised that Jon isn’t a friend after all.

Game 4: Sword Beach - vs a former friend…Jon.

Oooooh, my first beach scenario!

Round 1 and I’m the Germans. Jon sends his 3 Armour units and 1 infantry on to the beach with ‘Direct from HQ’ and I use the bunkers in the early rounds to nullify these armour units with some consistent attacks and decent die rolls. My artillery fires volley after volley to maintain pressure on his advancing forces which ultimately gives me Round 1 and my first win of the evening!!! Jon will actually be allowed to leave after this game now.

Round 2 and it’s my go as the Allies. The round could not have gone any better for me so how did I manage to screw it all up? Well, my first card was ‘Barrage’. Now, I don’t think we got this correctly as I’ve just looked it up. I scored a grenade and flag to destroy his artillery but the flag should have made him retreat I think instead!? Nevermind, despite him taking that hit early on, he managed to rampage with his armour unit and superior skill to win yet another round against me.

And that’s when I allowed him to leave. I got a win. I got a lot of enjoyment and we have already decided on more games this evening.

If you noticed any mistakes or have any feedback then please let me know. If you read this far, I hope you enjoyed at least part of it.



Wow, that was a lot of fighting you did!

I wish I thought of that, replaying the scenario immediately and switching sides. I am now almost done with the scenario book playing on the Axis side and then will try out the same scenarios on the Allied side. Cool stuff!

There are some scenarios where I’m pretty sure the Allies have an advantage. You can select these to give him the leverage and then play against him like he was an adult. You might end up not going easy on him and actually need to try hard to win!

I cracked up right about here. I find it funny, also because I took a massive beating from my fianceé, because I always think that we finish with usually the same amount of medals, it’s a matter of who crosses the finish line first. And that for me is the main reason why Memoir '44 is such a great game, because your defeats aren’t overwhelming.

Not an expert, but I think you count the hits first and the retreats afterwards. Which means you played right by counting the hit :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion, if you think your posts are running a little long you can always post multiple times with some criteria that makes sense (e.g. one topic/post per scenario). But I see you were telling a story here, so hey, I enjoyed it! :smiley:

I thought this was the suggested way to play, though I’m not sure where I’ve read that.

You are correct. I actually meant that I thought the remaining artillery unit should retreat but it isn’t able to as the rule says that artillery do die on a flag whilst inside a bunker. So, we did do it correctly.

Whilst we’re discussing misplayed rules, what we didn’t do correctly which I did not describe during my report was that reduced dice mods do not stack. What I mean by that is, we played that units in a bunker on a hill or a unit on a hill with sandbags modified attack dice for attacking infantry units by -2, this is incorrect. You only factor in one reduced dice mod. However, you do still include the sandbag retreat rule of ignoring the first flag if your unit was on a hill with a sandbag.

Thanks for the reply goncalo. I’ll add my latest battle report soon.

Ah, so it wasn’t what I was thinking! I have not come across this case yet (by luck of dice) but now I know what to do :slight_smile:

This rules discussion is interesting… So it would appear that terrain dice reductions do not stack? I think this means I played some games wrong :grimacing: