Battle Maps Volume 1-4 playable with base game or overlord only?

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I am confused as some info text will show overlord and some base game needed.

Is a base game enough to play the battle maps 1-4 ? (Dieppe/Tigers etc.)
Does every volume come with “basic” scenarios?

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Battlemaps require Base Game + Overlord Expansion, or 2 Base Games.

With the overlord expansion you get the Overlord deck and cardboard tokens that replace regular infantry, armor and artillery figures.

With 2 Base games, you will have no need for the cardboard tokes because you will have enough plastic figures, but you will need to use both order decks, and remember some changes to some cards when playing overlord.

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Thank you Winters,

I do own two base games but I am not really into games of memoir with more than 2 players.
Seems complicated to me. And it is difficult to get more people willing to play WWII games.

I now know that Tigers had a few (3?) standard scenarios. Wonder if the others do as well.

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I think every battlemap comes with standard scenarios too. I know the one about Khalkhin-Gol does.

You can also play 1v1 in these big maps, I havent done that but it’s possible and some people do it to have bigger games.

Also, Sword of Stalingrad and Through Jungle and Desert come with battledecks (I mean combat cards) which seem fun.

So there is still some value from them even if not playing more than 2 players.

I’m in a hiatus from M44 sadly so I can’t bring myself to get the new stuff that’s coming out, but I’m really struggling because reprints are few and I will probably miss all this stuff again.

Battle on!

I too cannot be bothered with new enhancements.
The basic game (including breakthrough mode) works well enough for me.
I try to play in 3d using detailed hexagon tile representations of the game terrain and 1/285 models for the game pieces.


Well that’s next level!

It truly is! But how much space will one need to store this :grinning:

I await the battle maps within a week or so. If the battle maps just give 10 scenarios for the base game I am happy ^^

Still looking for Dday and the old airpack. But I have metal minis of the planes and a set of the airpack cards (was available on the DOW website years ago). Somehow I would like to have one copy of each expansion. But there is no pressure. It is more a luxury than a necessity.

Tigers In The Snow has 2 standard scenarios.
So does Sword Of Stalingrad.
Disaster At Dieppe has 4.
Khalkin-Gol has 6.
As does Through Jungle And Desert.