AWOL Summary Cards (and Expansions!) plus Player Aids

We have “160 Total Unique Summary Cards - Manifest (+16 Not Yet Printed)”

and notably the list includes:
10 Total Air Rules Summary Cards
#1 Air Sortie - (Air Pack)
#2 Airplanes on Ground / Aircraft Carriers - (Air Pack)
#3 Airborne Airplanes - (Air Pack)
#4 Air Check - (Air Pack)
#5 Ground Interdiction - (Air Pack)
#6 Ground Support - (Air Pack)
#7 Kamikaze - (Air Pack)
#8 Recon - (Air Pack)
#9 Rescue - (Air Pack)
#10 Strafing - (Air Pack)

And yet here we seem to be advocating FOR the old air rules removed from the game.

Days of Wonder has replaced the Air Pack with the New Flight Plan expansion and for nearly a decade has not issued these missing cards in another game. Add to that the permanent retirement of Campaign Book Volume 1 plus some never printed Summary Cards for later expansions and you have 124 Summary Cards that are unavailable to newcomers to the game over the last five years (and that is not counting the ten Air-Pack Summary Rules cards that are officially obsolete.) These cards will never be available again unless Days of Wonder does a wrap up expansion that completes the available collection. They are AWOL!

AWOL 124 Summary Card list (winnowed down from the BGG list):

22 Total Actions Summary Cards (+8 Not Yet Printed)
#1 Reinforcements - (Air Pack)
#2 Blowing Up Bridges - (Air Pack)
#3 Air Strikes & Blitz - (Air Pack)
#4 Forward Spotting - (Air Pack)
#5 Collapsible Rafts & Boats - (Air Pack)
#6 Sabotage - (Air Pack)
#7 Freeing Prisoners - (Air Pack)
#8 Heroic Leader - (Air Pack)
#9 North African Desert Rules - (Air Pack)
#10 Oasis Recovery - (Air Pack)
#11 Radar Alert - (Air Pack)
#12 Capturing Equipment - (Air Pack)
#13 Supply Train / Reinforcements - (Air Pack)
#14 Destroy Supplies - (Air Pack)
#15 Blitz Rules - (Air Pack)
#16 Camouflage - (Air Pack)
#17 Capture HQ / Supply Tent - (Air Pack)
#18 Hospital Recovery - (Air Pack)
#19 Night Attacks - (Air Pack)
#20 Paradrop - (Campaign Book v1)
#21 Smoke Screen - (Campaign Book v1)
#22 Armor Breakthrough - (Campaign Book v1)
#28 Ground Reinforcements- Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#29 Town Control - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#30 Beach Control - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#32 Bridge Control - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#33 Entry Markers - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#34 Air Superiority - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#35 Off-Map Artillery Support - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#36 Molotov Cocktails - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol)

8 Total Airplanes Summary Cards
#1 Curtiss P-40 Warhawk - (Air Pack)
#2 Lockheed P-38 Lightening - (Air Pack)
#3 Vought F4U Corsair - (Air Pack)
#4 Supermarine Spitfire - (Air Pack)
#5 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch - (Air Pack)
#6 Messerschmitt Bf 109 - (Air Pack)
#7 Mitsubishi A6M Zero - (Air Pack)
#8 Yakolev YAK-1/7/9 - (Air Pack)

4 Total Nations Summary Cards
#1 French Resistance - (Air Pack)
#2 Red Army (RKKA) - (Air Pack)
#3 Imperial Japanese Army - (Air Pack)
#4 US Marine Corps - (Air Pack)

63 Total Terrain Summary Cards (+1 Not Yet Printed)
#1 Beaches - (Air Pack)
#2 Bunkers - (Air Pack)
#3 Forests - (Air Pack)
#4 Hedgerows - (Air Pack)
#5 Hedgehogs - (Air Pack)
#6 Hills - (Air Pack)
#7 Oceans & Shorelines - (Air Pack)
#8 Rivers & Waterways - (Air Pack)
#9 Bridges - (Air Pack)
#10 Sandbags - (Air Pack)
#11 Cliffs & Sea Bluffs - (Air Pack)
#12 Sea Wall - (Air Pack)
#13 Steep Hills - (Air Pack)
#14 Towns & Villages - (Air Pack)
#15 Wire - (Air Pack)
#16 Airfields - (Air Pack)
#17 Barracks - (Air Pack)
#18 Cemeteries - (Air Pack)
#19 Churches - (Air Pack)
#20 Dams - (Air Pack)
#21 Factory Complex - (Air Pack)
#22 Field Bunker - (Air Pack)
#23 Flooded Fields - (Air Pack)
#24 Fortresses - (Air Pack)
#25 High Ground - (Air Pack)
#26 Lake - (Air Pack)
#27 Lighthouses - (Air Pack)
#28 Marshes - (Air Pack)
#29 Minefields - (Air Pack)
#30 Mountains - (Air Pack)
#31 Oasis - (Air Pack)
#32 Palm Forests - (Air Pack)
#33 Pontoon Bridges - (Air Pack)
#34 Power Plants - (Air Pack)
#35 Prison Camps - (Air Pack)
#36 Radar Stations - (Air Pack)
#37 Railroad Bridges - (Air Pack)
#38 Railroad Tracks - (Air Pack)
#39 Railroad Station - (Air Pack)
#40 Road Blocks - (Air Pack)
#41 Fords & Fordable Rivers - (Air Pack)
#42 Roads - (Air Pack)
#43 Supply Depots - (Air Pack)
#44 Wadis & Gullies - (Air Pack)
#45 City Ruins - (Air Pack)
#46 Dragon’s Teeth - (Air Pack)
#47 Frozen Rivers - (Air Pack)
#48 Hills with Forests - (Air Pack)
#49 Hills with Villages - (Air Pack)
#50 Ravines - (Air Pack)
#51 Trenches - (Air Pack)
#52 Caves on Hills - (Air Pack)
#53 Caves on Mountains - (Air Pack)
#54 Fish Ponds - (Air Pack)
#55 Hospitals - (Air Pack)
#56 HQs & Supply Tents - (Air Pack)
#57 Jungles - (Air Pack)
#58 Labor Camps - (Air Pack)
#59 Piers - (Air Pack)
#60 Rice Paddies - (Air Pack)
#61 Fordable Streams - (Air Pack)
#62 Rope Bridges - (Air Pack)
#66 Abatis - (Campaign Book v1)
#68 Coastlines - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)

26 Total Troops Cards (+7 Not Yet Printed)
#1 Standard Units - (Air Pack)
#2 Specialized Units - (Air Pack)
#4 Combat Engineers - (Air Pack)
#5 Trains - (Air Pack)
#6 Supply Trains - (Air Pack)
#7 Armored Trains - (Air Pack)
#11 Aircraft Carriers - (Air Pack)
#12 Destroyers - (Air Pack)
#13 Flame Thrower Tanks - (Air Pack)
#21 Brandenburgers - (Campaign Book v1)
#22 Depleted Units - (Campaign Book v1)
#27 Polish Dragoons - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in CB#2)
#27 Supported Infantry - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings) (Duplicate Number)
#28 Supported Armor - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in D-Day Landings)
#?? Jungle Fighters - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in CB#2) (Assumed Number #29)
#?? Leathernecks - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in CB#2) (Assumed Number #30)
#31 Armored Car - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol)
#32 Tankettes - Not Issued Yet (Introduced in The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol)


  1. Is the defunct Air Pack something that an ambitious soldier should attempt to build on their own or pay $100’s for on ebay?

  2. Terrain Cards - this seems a fine quick, efficient solution where one could even laminate and cut out some usuable cards rather than have images in a binder or something. Easier to read and less toner, a unique look as well though I wish they could be printed double sided:
    Memoir 44 Minimalist Terrain Cards | Memoir '44

  3. Nations Summary Cards - though only 4 missing this might work with all 8 card images on a laminated sheet as a reference. Not sure if this is the best solution, but images for all the cards are right here:
    Memoir '44 Cards Compendium

  4. Airplanes Summary Cards - well you’ll need these if you’ve come up with some 3D printed minatures, but these are officialy legal planes it appears. Solutions anyone? If you can get the miniatures then the 8 card images on a single sheet (maybe multiple copies) sounds like a nice reference.

  5. 22 Total Actions Summary Cards (+8 Not Yet Printed) - is it worth it to print and play cards for these. I’m pretty confident that the standard card images over at BGG end up with rather blurry text and I’m assuming the images on this site would have a similar issue if one attempted to print them. Solutions?

  6. 26 Total Troops Cards (+7 Not Yet Printed) - same issues as 5. Ideas?

I’m not sure if any other physical components are an issue with Campaign Book Volume 1 and that I think wraps up all the issues with this situation. As a new player I want to have all the best tools and aids for my continued learning (likely solo.) BGG has 16 pages worth of links to files and resources which is a bit overwhelming. Here are a few (and the first last updated in 2017):

I’m eager to deploy some of these for my 2nd game, so suggestions please!

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I think it highly unlikely that DOW will ever reprint the summary cards as they were before. The advent of the NEW FLIGHT PLAN eliminated the need for an “air check” which is printed on these old cards.

If you just take note of the card manifest on the BGG website produced by Brian Mola “coltsfan”, you can see that it is well over ten years old.

It may be possible that a “NEW” version of cards may be printed, but again, highly unlikely. They are really not necessary and only completists and collectors are looking for them.

Time to move on to a different topic I think.


I went to:

… and printed all of the cards onto cardstock and made two mini binders. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but I hope it helps!


So just move on and use the manual? Forget using summary cards?

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I am not saying that the cards have no value. I am simply stating that for those wishing upon a star that DOW or Asmodee will make the effort to produce them again, that they move on. I especially commend my brothers-in-arms who have created their own resources with the available information at hand. Kudos to their effort.


Good because I couldn’t resist making these new terrain style summary cards haha

These were of course spoonfed and I went to the trouble to try to print them on both sides so each player could have their own set. A little tricky to get them to line up and the last sheet of three cards and its match aren’t double-sided because of misalignment. They also don’t align perfectly left to right but with the wide borders it’s OK (should have tried fit to paper rather than fit to printable area on my printer and at very least would have been a little bit bigger.) Print is clear And just as well there aren’t print&play files that were the same quality as the original as I would’ve spent a lot more time making them rather than just slamming them through a laminator. Only 60 cards to go, but I think I’ll play another game or two before deciding on the other Summary cards.


How does the text look on the compendium cards?

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It could use a lot more pixels, but it’s readable at standard card size.


For those who prefer digital versus print medium, I would commend to you M44 WALLET created by Sean Gambles. It can be found at the Apple App Store.

It contains all the rules manuals, thousands of scenarios, manifold campaigns, card summaries, dice generator - you name it. It is my favorite one stop resource for all things Memoir’44.
Just be kind and share a little of your financial resources with Sean, it is well worth it.


Thanks for the mention! I’ve not had much chance this past year to work on the app, but i’m about to release a small update this week with the latest remembrance scenarios in. I’m hoping to release an extension to the app soon for people with an Apple watch so you can have the dice screen on it.

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Sean thank you so much for that fantastic app. I hope you know that the community really appreciates your work. The dice on the watch sounds absolutely awesome.