Are the Campaign books 1 and 2 still available to buy digitaly?

Are the Campaign books 1 and 2 still available to buy in pdf format?

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Campaign book 2 was never available as a pdf. The original air pack was available as a pdf.

Days of Blunder has been a bit of headless horseman on all of this with some incredibly stupid decisions especially on the alleged process to acquire these and even more importantly the Scenario Editor. Of course if you the follow the directions on their website it is complete nonsense, but they still allow you to download the online version of Memoir 44 even though it will never work since it was disabled around April 23rd of this year. It is really quite pathetic.

Allegedly before you were supposed to buy the app via Steam and then get some kind of Admiral level thing for $50 and then use the credit from that to make purchase and pay for online play. I never got any confirmation from anyone that this would work, so I never did it.

Days of Blunder best I can tell has gone with the headless horseman approach on this. I honestly don’t get it as their are still people involved putting out content, but it seems a bit of a private club now.

Memoir 44 has moved over to board game arena, but the solo play option has been destroyed for that and I’ve not heard anything about a new path to get the pdfs or Scenario Editor, probably because it hasn’t worked for years, much like all the nonsense still on their website. :unamused:

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Such a shame that DoW have let this happen.
It’s probably that they have so many other lucrative and successful products on the market that they don’t care about MM44 anymore.
If I had the money, I would buy the rights to MM44 and get it sorted. Better go buy a lottery ticket…

In the mean time, I am searching online on various (let’s say, unauthorised) websites, looking for copies of these. It is possible that someone scanned Campaign Book 2 and posted it somewhere…

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You can get Campaign Book 1 here.

I know some people don’t like downloading free/pirate copies, but given that it is no longer available to buy…

They might have air pack 1 as well.

i’m hoping days of wonder republishes campaign book 2, but it may be they have no plans whatsoever and they just never got to updating the website to say they were never going to publish it again and and then, of course, they have their broken PDF path for purchasing, so it basically has been ignored.

The whole thing is a bit silly on their part. I guess I can see another Asmodee division, fantasy flights games, for not doing some kind of Kickstarter for their great Battlestar Galactica game, which sells for a big money used because maybe they have to pay royalty fees, but you think with that series is being kind of so old that you could get a really good deal on that. so instead, they updated the game to an arkham horror theme and it’s not nearly as well liked, though perhaps some future expansions might fix it, but all in all kind of a disaster.

days of wonder has so many great vintage games with high production quality, and then of course you have D-Day landings for memoir, 44, which goes for a pretty penny. d-Day landings would be a great thing for them to re-issue because it requires one to own a lot of the other expansions and it’s kind of a crown jewel to any large collection. it gives enthusiast, strong reasons to overindulge on the expansions.

Kickstarter for memoir, 44 would be great too because they could do exclusives or even launch a re-packaging of the game system. just finish up what you’re doing for the game, including all the command cards and maybe even make available the airpack campaign book volume one and campaign book volume two.

frankly, I think this is a pipe dream because their marketing department isn’t smart enough to figure it all out and how to package it. The whether toos and why fors of purchasing memoir, 44 are incredibly complex simply due to the logistics of getting everything available at a cheap price. Now that the game is kind of in its golden age and end of new design, they really should repackage it to something that makes more sense to newer buyers. everyone who owns a Memoir 44 collection would like for sure on a complete card set of cards and maybe some partial sets too as many probably wouldn’t mind two full sets of cards, one for each side of the table.

Days of Blunder has a lot of eye candy that really should be reissued via Kickstarter, and Colosseum is another one that stands out. perhaps Asmodee should just do it for everything and call it Asmodee Classics. and then, of course, there is Cleopatra, which might’ve already been done almost. :face_with_monocle: and I believe the price for that is through the roof. :rofl:

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Hi, thanks for all the replies! thanks for the campaign 1 link, and I did manage to find campaign 2.

Why was the air pack 1 sold only as pdf, didn’t it came with plastic models too?

I’m new to memoir, but I’ve managed to get almost all expansions (FOMO), some of them for really good price. I think I’m only missing disaster at dieppe, the new flight path, equipment pack and the d-day maps



Where did you find Campaign 2?

If it is not against the M44Fans rules, CB2 and tokens are here:


Very grateful! In all the years I’ve been playing the game now, I have never seen a PDF version of CB2! I’m going to be spending the next few days at work looking for an opportunity to stealthily print it all. Much obliged!


That’s some serious sneaky full colour printing.


Hey bro the file is not downaloding

Still works for me, bros and other things that rhyme so I have 20 characters.