Anyone using the vinyl mats for their battle maps?

I saw some custom vinyl mats on Ebay and was wondering if anyone uses them/prefer them over the cardboard ones.

If so, what are your guys thoughts?

I’ve thought about getting some neoprene mats printed, for the types of board I don’t have yet. There’s some clean files on boardgamegeek. I do like the feel of them, but it gets pretty pricey.

Are neoprene the material the original boards come on? I saw some files on BBG but they were like for paper size only; you happen to know if I can grab full size files anywhere? I wouldn’t mind going to like inked gaming to get it printed it on a playmat size

Neoprene is mouse mat material, more or less, used by Inked Gaming. Original boards were on paper or mounted on thick cardboard.

The ‘all maps’ single-image option here seems good:

Oh didn’t know that! But thanks for the link I see the full size images. Think I’ll try making one and see how it turns out

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I have to believe other gamers use glass or plexiglass or some clear acrylic that covers the game boards. I use glass from an old tabletop that covers two sides of a standard M44 board but is short an inch on either side. Works fine and keeps the tiles in place and new.

My friend just paid for some plexiglass cut to fit the Breakthrough map as well as “Formula D’s” board which ran about $40.00. These are both great for flattening new game boards.

I’ve used a sheet of plexiglass that I happened to salvage, but buying a sheet is pretty expensive. It’s really great for the paper mats, but less so for anything with tiles.

I’ve bought a Blitz Bowl pitch from Inked Gaming and it is GREAT! Worth the $30ish investment!

Are you talking about this one? Blitz Pitch Stone Playmat – Inked Gaming how did it translate for you to Memoir 44?

That is what I purchased, and it is a high quite mat at a good price.

However, I do not have any (yet) for M44. Sorry for any confusion.

Ahh it’s cool; Do you by any chance know what the dimensions are for the M44 mats? I was looking at custom mats but none of the image fit any of the sizes perfectly