Anniversary game

I noticed today that today is June 6th, the 79th anniversary of the D-Day landings, and thus Memoir '44 day. I encourage you all, if you have time, to do some kind of Memoir '44 activity today or in the remainder of the week and post it here.

I’ll start. This week, I have cobbled together a makeshift table that I can use to play my first ever Overlord scenario. For simplicity I have chosen the one from the base set, which happens to be a D-day scenario, the Overlord version of Omaha beach. The makeshift table is set up in a kind of closet room so I can leave it as it is and then return to a game at a later date.

Good luck everyone, and enjoy your game.


Great idea!
I’m off to my cottage this afternoon (where all my MM44 stuff is), so I will also have a go at Overlord Omaha and we can compare notes!

All set. Took 45 minutes, so might need a cuppa before battle commences!

Well, that was disappointing…
An 8-0 annihilation! The Americans got nowhere.
Here is my After Action Review.

Hope you had a better game!

Thanks very much for your responses. It was a nice token that you played the same game. I actually haven’t got around to finishing mine yet. I’ve left the game ready to pick up again at the weekend when I’m less busy. So far, the German artillery have caused some damage to the first row on both extreme flanks. The Americans are repositioning and attempting to get the right cards together for a big push in the middle. I’ll let you know how it progresses. I think if the Allies do manage to break through it will be a domino effect because of all the medals on the table. This is quite an interesting scenario in that it has relatively few medals to get a win compared with some of the later overlord setups.

The attached pictures were taken on my phone and then I messed about with the somewhat primitive settings while on the train to work. The intention was to capture something like the contemporary photographs I’ve seen on Twitter this week.

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Great photos! Very apt.

Thanks for inspiring us to try a D-Day scenario to mark the anniversary. Same time next year?!