About the Market category

The Market category is reserved for topics selling or trading copies of the Memoir '44 game, expansions, storage solutions, custom terrain, units and more.

If you have expansions that you do not play with and want to trade them in for new ones or just sell them to someone else who will enjoy them, this category is the right place to do it.

People posting in this category will be granted space to sell a single item per topic that must include at least one photo of the item being sold along with a description of its condition and location of the seller (country). Interested users can then reply on the topic or contact the seller directly as they see fit.

The topic titles must not be written in all-caps and should contain a concise description of what is being sold. We allow users to sell collections or lots of items in a single topic, provided they clearly describe it as such.

Users are requested to mark the items as sold as soon as possible so that the team of moderators can archive them. The team may sometimes request a status update to identify any stale topics.

Frequent sellers on the Market category may not bump their topics at this moment, as this may affect forum performance in searches. They can, however, post new replies when making price changes or updating other relevant information.

NOTE: This category is suppressed from the Latest post listings because some users just want to follow the community and have no commercial interest. Users that are interested in purchasing and selling any Memoir '44 content will be expected to navigate to the category.