About the After Action Review category

Category for reporting the outcome of a Memoir '44 game on a particular scenario. Pictures or other forms of media are welcome!

Some players enjoy sharing their experience and getting comments from other players on tactics used in games, difficulty of the scenario or even the luck of the dice rolls. This category was created to encourage other users to post this kind of content.

Topics in this category should contain the name of the scenario being played and the date of the battle in the title. The content should include a basic text summary of the battle, who won, accompanied by a picture of the board at any stage of the battle. We encourage users to add as much detail as possible, such as cards that were played and particularly (un)lucky dice rolls, to give other players bases on which to comment.

If you see a post about a scenario you’ve played before, you are welcome to comment about your experience of the scenario and share your thoughts!