A short history of the M4 Sherman tank

This is another entry in the D-Day series of videos from Real Engineering that is freely available on YouTube. This one talks about the need for a new tank in the US army, and how the M4 Sherman tank came to be. It mentions a few facts that were unknown to me, such as the fact that at the height of its production phase, a new M4 Sherman tank was finished every 30 minutes.

It also goes over the different iterations over time, which issues lead to those changes, and a subjective take on which was the best version – proposed to be the M4A3E8.

I enjoyed learning more about the M4, there were lots of things I didn’t knew and the link between the M4 and the logistics for D-Day is really interesting.


Here’s a cool comment with facts I found out on this video’s comment section:

And dumb joke for good measure:

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