A question about retreats mechanics

Dear all, I’m pretty new in this world but I’m enjoying a lot my first battles. I have a question about retreats, whose answer I couldn’t find anywhere. If in the same turn I attack a unit with more units (let’s make for instance two), are the flags cumulative at the end of both attacks or does my enemy have to retreat after the first attack and then we proceed with the second one? And another one about the same situation: when an obstacle allows my enemy to ignore the first flag, are we talking about the first flag of each attack towards that unit or just the first flag of the general attack in that turn? So for example, if I attack in the same turn a unit behind sandbags with two units and roll one flag for each attack, will my enemy ignore both flags (since they are two separate attacks) or will he retreat by one hex (ignoring the first flag but not the second one)?
Thank you very much if you can help me clear this aspect!

Hello, and welcome.
The attacks are never cumulative. So if there was a retreat as a result of your first attack, the defender would move then to the hex of their choice in their ‘home’ direction. If neither of the two choices is possible, then they would lose a mini. A second attack from a different unit would begin again from scratch. If the defender has moved into another hex as a result of the first of your attack, then it is frustrating but you’ll be attacking them in their new position, and thus a hex back. As you know, a second or third flag on the same roll would mean they have to move back that number. If the rules state that for some reason one flag is ignored (it can be because of terrain or nation rules etc.), then the rule is applied separately for each attack.
In your example, both flags rolled would be ignored because you must treat each roll separately.

Good luck!

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Each attack is separate And so yes a unit can even retreat out of range In some cases. You have complete control Of the order of attacks so choose wisely. It’s generally probably smarter to attack with your infantry 1st And then armor units second Since they will likely still be in range depending on the situation. I suppose if you’re really good it might be possible To cause a retreat that would get A defending unit closer to your infantry in some cases.

I have the strategy guide book and I found an interesting idea in there that I would otherwise have overlooked. If you have the ability to do a lot of movement, say with armor, you can sometimes maneuver them behind the defending unit and block them from retreating. This means flags would be equivalent to another hit, meaning the attacking dice has a higher rate of success.

In this example, there might be benefit from moving the armor to the hex with the star in it rather than attacking from the current position.

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