A lucky expansion pickup

Something special came in the mail today. Something I was almost certain I would not be able to get…

I periodically search my local “CraigsList” (here in Portugal it’s OLX) for Memoir '44 content. I rarely find anything, and even when I do, it’s mostly the base game and usually at steep prices. But this was pack of a brand new Air Pack and Winter/Desert board was listed at 80€. That’s about 87 liberty dollars.

I messaged the seller and said I was only interested in the Air Pack, given that I already own a copy of the Winter Desert Board. The seller insisted on selling both as he wanted to get rid of them, and suggested I made an offer. Now, these quarantine times make me uneasy to buy games, so I kind of thought “What would be the amount that he would have to sell this for to make me grab it immediately?”, and I came up with 50€ because I’d still be able to sell the Winter Desert Board as new. I wrote to the seller, saying that I’d really like to play the scenarios that come in the expansion and offered the 50€. I still remember closing the browser tab after sending the message and thinking that he would tell me to flip off… Sure enough, he was happy about the amount, I transferred the money and I just got the package!

2018 was the year that I first bought and played through the base scenarios. I remember looking back at some the expansion reviews and thinking about how great it’d be to play them, but I knew they were out of print and I would hardly get the chance. And here I am today with a 2007 expansion in hands, still in shrink wrap. This was a very big surprise!

If you’re out there looking for an expansion that is eluding you… This story is meant to keep you in your search for it. You’ll find it eventually! :grin:

Now I’m off to sell this Winter Desert Board… :slight_smile:


You got a great deal. I had two copies of the Air Pack Expansion and when I found out that DOW was going to be offering the New Flight Plan, I decided to sell my 2nd copy at a premium while folks were still willing to pay more than double the original price. I was fortunate and was able to use the revenue from that sale to then purchase the NFP.

Your seller might have been thinking the same thing and was glad to sell the old in order to get the new.

You will enjoy the older planes and since they are all already painted, you can use them as part of your NFP fleet now.
Lucky indeed!!!