A First Stand - The Battle of the Admin Box Campaign

Hi all, just sharing a new short campaign of four scenarios with you.

I was inspired to make this after reading the excellent 'Burma ‘44’ by James Holland. It looks at the Battle of the Admin Box and the fighting between the Indian army and the Japanese in the Arakan in early 1944 and how this became a real turning point. They adopted many changes in organisation, operational procedures and tactics in battle to do this. They also began to gain increasing superiority in the air with the arrival of more Spitfires and more firepower on the ground with M3 Lees being used in the jungle.

I hope this campaign will have a few interesting bits of history you might not know about as well as some great battles.

I’ve been really pleased with the scenarios having tested them a lot with a few different people. Some of these plays are recorded online but not all of them.

You can access the whole campaign, with score sheets, simplified campaign rules and victory events in a ready-to-print PDF here:


The individual scenarios are online here: https://www.daysofwonder.com/en/mypage/2763135/m44

1. Pushing to the Golden Fortress


2. Tortoise


3. The Battle of the Admin Box


4. Clearing Out Point 315


Hope you enjoy it. If you do, please let me know what you think.


Cheers. Id love to try it out.

Hey! What an amazing first post, welcome to the forum @SamW44!

This is the first time that someone posts a campaign or scenario on Memoir44Fans, it means a lot to me that you decided to share this here! :smile:

I will definitely try these out once I’ve gotten hold of a Pacific Theater expansion and give you some feedback on the campaign. Also, it’s really refreshing to see a new campaign based on a part of the war I hadn’t heard before. Nicely done campaign PDF with proper art and supporting text in the scenarios themselves.

This is great work, congrats :slight_smile:

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Hopefully the Pacific expansion gets its reprint soon. Glad you like the look of the campaign.

Just completed another run through of it using NFP rules and the British just edged a minor victory despite a humbling loss at the Admin Box itself!

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Fresh off the press! Looks amazing, I can guarantee this will be played, I just don’t know when :sweat_smile:

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Awesome, enjoy!

Let me know which side wins when you do get round to it!

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The cover looks awesome! :grin: