3D printed storage for Base Game + Armies

Wanted to share a design I made for storing M44 in it’s original box.

You can fit your base game (except card stands), and the three army expansions (Pacific Theather, Western Front, Mediterranean Front).

Some rubber bands for the tile storage, terrain features tokens and deck is recommended. I cross the rubber bands on the card deck so they don’t apply too much pressure on one side. Some small baggies for the tokens are also handy.

I found that these were the expansions I used the most and what I need to carry around.

In the future I’ll be designing boxes to fit the Terrain Pack, Winter Wars, Winter/Desert Board, Operation Overlord and New Flight Plan in the New Flight Plan box. Don’t hold your breath though, it may take a while till I find the inspiration.

Walls are 1.6mm wide
Floors are 1.6mm tall
You can print the boxes and trays with 0 (zero) floors, so your slicer just prints the infill of the bottom layers and you save material. Haven’t tried on the tile holder.

If you have a 3D printer and feel this may be useful, please go ahead and print it yourself:


Very clever! My only note would be that rubber bands are the enemy of game parts and all that is holy - they get hard and dry out and stick to the items you are banding. Cloth-covered hair ties will substitute better, though are not as variable in size.

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Is that true even if they get little to no sunlight? I know what happens to them, but dont know if I can get away with it when they are in the shade, and replacing them once in a while when they feel old, but before they completely expire.

In that case I need a better workaround.

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Organizing this game seems like mission impossible. I’ve kind of punted, but leaning heavily towards a solution using the game boxes. The terrain tiles with different sides are quite maddening. I’m not sure if you buy enough copies of the game if you could organize them so what you see face up in storage is what you would use, ignoring the back side. I’ve never really thought about whether this remotely possible for Memoir 44, but I have done it for the game Mage Wars (quite a project that including edging the tokens to the color/look of the dominant side.)

Yes and thirty slashes with a wet noodle for using rubber bands. I’d think with your 3D printing chops you could make terrain holders that wouldn’t let them get loose in the box while allowing the trays to be removed and placed on the table. Terraforming Mars 3D storage:

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Ha! I didnt design the hexagon boxes, I borrowed those. I don’t think the rubber bands are strictly neccesary because the board and tray on top would prevent them from coming loose, but I like to not worry about that. I may need to find an alternative to them then.

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