3D Printed custom historical miniatures

The Following are pictures of the tanks I have designed,3d printed and painted for memoir 44. Me and my friends absolutely love the game and I have 3d printed a lot of additions to it. I am now also starting to sell my creations to you guys if you also love the game as much as I do. The following is a link to my Etsy store where you can but some of my creations, also feel free to message me if you are curious about anything. thank you.https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PictoriaCrafts?ref=l2-about-shopname


Very cool! Hope I can get some of these! They look really good painted.

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Definitely the best custom M44 stuff I’ve ever seen!


We’ve just started an Etsy shop :raised_hands:. Is there anything you’re interested in in particular?
We can definitely sort something out for you.

If I do get something it will probably be panther and Stug IV (or Jagdpanther). I do like the halftrack a lot though. Ordering the stuff at once would make postage cheaper, still thinking about it…

Awesome, are you interested in the painted or unpainted items?.
If you use this Promo code: PICTORIA50 at checkout it will give you 50% off on all the items in out store. :grinning:

Just when I promised myself to start saving money…!

Seriously though, how is it with postage overseas?

The code will last for a few months so take your time, I’m pretty sure it gives %50 off the total basket.

Welcome to the boards, and thanks for your contribution to the Memoir community. You have made some lovely stuff there.
I wonder if you can take requests? As a completionist, I would love to see some armor for the smaller nations, for example something for the Italians (Carro Armato M13?) or even for the French (Renault R35?) Also, in the official equipment pack there are some tank destroyers for the Germans (Elefant Panzerjager), but I would love to see some from the other factions, such as the SU-76 for the Soviets or the M10 Wolverine for the Americans. Just a thought. Anyway, these look great, well done!

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I would buy even more if you did that!

So I already have a whole British army that is custom made including Sherman firefly’s, archers ,Churchill’s, sextons, comets and Cromwell’s I am just in the process of getting on the shop.
I am also currently working on an entire soviet army.

I could definitely get some of the Italian and French stuff on there as well tho :+1:

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Char B’s would look great, but a whole soviet army! Very cool.

could you make armoured cars? Like Puma, M8 Greyhound, Humber or Leichter Panzerspähwagen Sdkfz.222

I’ll look into it for sure, loving the suggestions


Those look really cool!
You designed all of those vehicles yourself?

I notice that some of the vehicles in your etsy shop have clearly visible layers showing especially on slanted surfaces: What resolution or layer height do you print them in on your 3D-printer?