39. (TYPHOON) Gates of Moscow

The Soviets (Allies) were initially dealt the “Air Power” Tactic card. I cannot believe their depleted Air Corps in get to roll two dice for each of four adjacent enemies in October of 1941. If anything, at this point in the war, Germany should get two dice per hex and the Russians one. IMHO…

What’s the correct play here?

I get what you mean. Many players make this card have different effects like, both sides get only one dice, or reverse its effects in some scenarios. Whatever works better for you.

In the new flight plan expansion, there is a table where it specifies at wich times and in what front either side had air superiority, if any.


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Yes! That table would be perfect for this!

Here are the rules for NFP, where the table is: https://ncdn0.daysofwonder.com/memoir44/en/img/mm_nfp_rules_en.pdf

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Great reference Winters. THANKS!

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