1943 Siciliy: Pachino

Set up: quick
Game time: quick
Solo play: suitable

Historical Background:
While most of the Sicily landings were very quiet affairs, the landings near Pachino saw some action. This is the beach where the Canadians landed and their objective was to take the airfield nearby. Although the position was relatively well defended and supported with guns, the Italian infantry was reluctant to resist. There were some however, who bolstered the confidence of those troops and made taking the airfield more difficult than anticipated. The same cannot be said for the Italian air force who while close at hand never appeared to support the action.

Axis 4 cards. Allies 5 cards, move first

Conditions of Victory:
5 medals

Special Rules:

Scenario link

Set up time 10 minutes, playing time 25 minutes.

Another quick and easy game, but ultimately disappointing…

Once the Italians had lost their artillery (thanks to a devastating Barrage), they were quickly overwhelmed. Nearly all the action was on the Allied right flank, with good cards leading to a sustained attack which the Axis could not counter. They managed to bring a unit across from the centre to try to hold the airfield, but an Armour Assault destroyed them.

So, for once a scenario that I did not enjoy – very one-sided and too quick. One way of improving it would be to increase the Conditions of victory to 6 medals – then the Allies would have to do more than just take one flank. Any other suggestions?



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I know you hate them, but the nation card might have helped the Italians here. They would initially get two extra cards, would be able to retreat (up to three hexes) into potentially better positions and the artillery would ignore 1 flag.
Also, if you could move the armor into the central forests and shoot out from there, they can be quite effective killing machines. With a little more time you could also move the artillery closer in and deal some damage that way.

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Good point! (Although you cannot ignore flags on a Barrage, so in my particular game it would not have helped.)