1942 Tel el Eisa, First Alamein

Set up: Medium
Game time: quick
Solo play: very suitable

Historical Background:
On 30th June 1942, the victorious but exhausted Axis units arrived in front of El Alamein, the last British line before Alexandria. In order to weaken Rommel troops, General Auchinleck ordered an attack on the Italian Infantry divisions. In the early morning of 10th July, 26th Australian Brigade, supported by Valentine tanks of 44th RTR, infiltrated along the Mediterranean coast and attacked on the flank of the Sabratha Division entrenched around Tell el Eisa ridge. The Italian division broke up and lost several Artillery batteries and two regimental HQs.
Allies 6, move first. Axis 6 cards.
Conditions of Victory:
6 Medals. The capture of the Italian HQ is a permanent medal objective for the Allies.
Special Rules:
BCF Command rules (Nations 5)

Royal Italian Army (Nations 6).

North African Desert rules (Actions 9)

Night Attack rules (Actions 19)

Axis lay the minefields (Terrain 29)
Scenario link

Set up time 15 minutes, playing time 40 minutes.

This looked like being a quick victory for the Allies. An opening attack down their left flank was assisted by two Armour Assault cards, resulting in two quick medals and barbed wire flattened. And with gaps in the minefield they were onto of the other two Italian units very quickly. But they had overstretched themselves and their luck ran out! The Italians drew very good cards and rolled superb dice to see the Allied tanks destroyed in two moves.

All the Aussie infantry units are on the baseline/coast, so this makes them vulnerable to a flag. And they suffered as a result. They were picked off by the artillery and infantry until the remaining units were too weak to risk attack. Medics and Mechanics brought one unit back to full strength, but it didn’t last long.

With the Allied artillery isolated and useless, more great cards and amazing dice very quickly turned this into a bad defeat for the Allies (6:3).

In retrospect, I should have pushed the tanks further up the board before attacking the rear two Italian units, with the artillery and infantry focussing on the front of the left flank

Having played it solo, I now want to play it again against my regular partner!
UPDATE: Played it again with him, and the Italians won again! Not as convincingly, and also a great game the second time round.



Carte fantastiche! As well as great dice, these cards led to Italian victory:

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