1942 Alam Nayil: First Alamein

Set up: quick
Game time: quick
Solo play: probably suitable – I played against an opponent, but I think this would work well as a solo game

Historical Background:
The 3rd of July 1942, while the DAK tried again to breakthrough the South Africans lines in front of El Alamein, in the south the Ariete Division (rather weakened with only 8 M-13/40 tanks) arrived near Alam Nayil heights and was surprised to be in the middle of enemy positions. The Italians were quickly attacked by a British armored unit coming from the east and were fired by the New Zealand artillery entrenched on Alam Nayil. Then, arriving from Bab el Qattara, the 4th New Zealand Brigade attacked from the south-west. The 8 M-13/40 tanks made an unequal fight against the British tanks and the Bersaglieri (infantry of the division) were facing the New Zealanders. In spite of their courage, the battle was a defeat for the Ariete Division which lost its tanks, more than 500 men and 41 guns.

Axis 6;. Allies 5 cards, move first.
Conditions of Victory:
6 medals
Special Rules:
BCF Command rules (Nations 5) to all Allied units.
Royal Italian Army rules (Nations 6) to all Axis units.
North African Desert rules (Actions 9).

Scenario link

Set up time 10 minutes, playing time 30 minutes.

Probably the quickest game to set up and play that I have done so far. Very little terrain, no complicated rules; just a straightforward fight! (The Allied artillery is so far away that it plays no real role.)
The Allies started off with two Infantry Assault cards, which saw their left flank immediately overrun two Italians units. The British tanks pushed back the artillery on the right, so the Axis basically had all units in the centre. This of course meant that they were at the mercy of the cards, which only allowed them to order two units in the centre. And, although they managed to knock out one tank unit and obtain two other medals, defeat was inevitable (3:6).
Unless they get exceptionally good cards and dice throws, I cannot see the Italians winning this scenario (which reflects the reality of the actual battle).



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I don’t think this is the one in the strategy book, but there is some similarity. Because of the spartan terrain it is essentially a joust- with due consideration of the limitations of moving in the desert, you have to work out the optimum position to fire from. I think it would indeed be difficult for the Italians to win this one, but not impossible.

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