1941 Gin Drinker's Line Japanese v British

Historical Background:
First scenario in the Battle for Hong Kong campaign. Japanese forces probe the Gin Drinker’s Line at night.
Allies 4 cards. Axis 6 card; go first
Conditions of Victory:
6 medals. Shingmun Redoubt and Golden Hill are shared temporary medal objectives.
Special Rules:
Night Rules are in effect (note; Allies do not roll on their first turn!). Water impassable.
Imperial Japanese Army Command rules. British Stiff Upper Lip rules.
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The first of Brummbär '44s Hong Kong scenarios.
Quite a bit of setting up, but well worth it:

This ended up being another very tight game (6-5 to the Allies).
The Japanese struggled to get through the wire and attack the defensive positions (battling out of wire at -1, another -1 battling into trenches or up hill).
Plus their artillery was too far back to have any real effect. Having said that, it did slowly reduced the bunker to only 1 man, but then I got lucky dice with Medics and Mechanics and it went back up to 4!
My first experience of Night Attack rules, which we kept forgetting about so night lasted a long time!

So, another enjoyable Hong Kong battle which I recommend to you.