1941 42nd Street, Crete; Germans v ANZACs

Set up: quick
Game time: quick
Solo play: very suitable

After the battle of Galatas, which opened the way to Canea for the Germans, the exhausted ANZAC troops began their withdrawal towards the south coast of Crete in order to evacuate. A mixed force of Australians and New Zealanders was the rear-guard and was entrenched along the Odos Tsikalarion track, called “42nd street” by British troops. On the morning of 27th of May, the German 1st battalion of the Jäger Regiment 141, 5. Gebirgs Division, advanced to Souda harbour. The German Jägers were suddenly under the fire from the ANZAC force and, before they could react, they saw the ANZAC soldiers (from Australian, Māori, and New Zealand battalions) charging them in a bayonet attack. This ferocious bayonet charge cost 120 to 200 KIA to the Germans for about 20 to 40 Allied. This charge stopped the advance of the 5. Gebirgs Division and gave time for ANZAC troops to withdraw more easily to Sphakia.
Axis 6 cards, move first. Allies 6 cards.
Conditions of Victory
6 medals.
Special Rules
BCF Command rules (Nation 5) for all ANZAC units.
Blitz rules (Action 15).
Air Power card is not allowed for the Allies. Discard it and take another.

Scenario link:

Set up time 9 minutes, playing time 31 minutes.
Another really great scenario from Crete.
Basically just an infantry fight, no special rules or medals to worry about - just play the cards and roll the dice!

Set up:

This was always going to be about the cards, especially playing solo (6 cards for the Axis, 2 for the Allies).
And when the Germans got this lot, it really seemed like they would be unstopable:

Indeed they did race into a 4-1 lead and, with many units right on top of the ANZACs in the centre, it looked like Their Finest Hour would surely give them a convincing win, but…

Just one star! So only one unit was used and it threw poorly.
Suddenly it was 5-4, with the Allies stubbornly holding the town at the far end of the board (circled in red on the last photo).
They were reduced to just one figure and it looked to be all over, but they got lucky by drawing a Medics and Mechanics card. However…

Only one good dice!
But it kept them alive for one more go - the Axis needed two more moves to finally take them and win the game 6-4.

End of game

A highly recommended jdrommel scenario for a quick and easy game.