1940 Englefontaine

Historical Background:
On the 20th of May 1940, the 5th North African Infantry Division (5th DINA) was surrounded
in the Mormal forest by several German Panzer Divisions en route to Cambrai. On the 21st
of May, this division tried to break through the German lines with the support of tanks from
the 39th BCC and 29th Dragoons. At 08:00 in the morning, emerging from the deep forest,
soldiers of the III battalion (24th RTT) advanced, bayonets fixed, in the open toward
Englefontaine, defended by the Germans. They were decimated by the fire of German
machine guns and artillery. At noon, 300 bodies were lying in the field in front of
Englefontaine; only one hundred of them had escaped.

Axis 6 cards. Allies 6 cards; move first.

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals. Exit markers are in effect on the whole Axis baseline for the Allies.

Special Rules:
French Army (Nations 7).
Machine guns (SWAs 8).
Heavy Anti-Tank Guns (Troops 23) for the Axis artillery battery with 88 badge.
Blitz (Actions 15).
Air Power card is removed from the game.

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As the historical background suggests, there is only going to be one winner in this scenario, but it is still worth playing.
Quick to set up, straightforward to play but with some interesting aspects (German HMGs and 88s).
As the French, I tried to get as many pieces into my left flank as possible - it was the weak point in the German set up. One unit managed to make it to the Exit markers (circled in red on my medal board) and my artillery moved forward and pushed one German HMG unit back. But that was it - my tanks were massacred by the 88s and panzers, and infantry units in the centre and right had no chance.
Relatively quick and predictable game, but worth it for an hours entertainment.

Set up: