Operation Husky Sicilian Architecture

I just started the 38 scenario campaign Operation Husky-the Invasion of Sicily. I was curious if any of the 3D terrain players might have examples of either purchased or homemade Sicilian buildings. I found one labeled Corsica on the bottom and modeled my homemade in similar fashion.


Hi Tony! Welcome to the forum! I’ve heard of players using their own 3D terrain and also saw some pictures on the facebook group, but I have to say that your scenario looks outstanding.

May I also ask which miniatures are you using? They don’t appear to be from the original game :slight_smile:

If I find anything I’ll definitely let you know, but kudos to your work, it looks really awesome. Keep us posted on the games you play with your custom terrain! :smiley:

Thanks for the add Goncalo! I really enjoy the game from all aspects! Creativity is limitless. I play troop miniatures from most brands available here in the U.S. 1/72 scale mostly.
Here’s a pic of my barracks! LOL!


The Italian troops in the terrrain photo I believe were from Italeri.

That is pretty amazing. My studio apartment doesn’t allow me to take that much space up, and Memoir '44 has to split the available space with other board games. But it is an absolute treat looking at your picture! Looks like a lot of work has been put into it.

How long have you been collecting these plastic miniatures? Do you use any of the original Memoir '44 ones? Have you kept them?

Wow! That’s a whole other level :smile:

I’m guessing you have minis for every nation then? No need to use the cardboard markers then.

Yes, I have most nations covered. It’s fun researching, painting, etc… I love the “mega” battles! I’m setting a double breakthrough up now for Operation Husky. I’ll post pics! And, thanks!


Yes, I have all the figures from the base set and expansions. They’re not painted and I rarely play the infantry. Why? All the same pose I guess? My Grandson and I have been at this for about 2 years. However, I played with toy soldiers as a child, with my Son’s and now my Grandson’s! Memoir allows me to do this in a semi-adult atmosphere! LOL