New Flight Plan painting project

Here is the A6M Zero!

Really liked how the camo turned out, I think it’s one of my favourites.

For the japanese planes, I tried to paint the red circles, mainly because they’re easier than stars and bicolor or tricolor roundels, and because I though their color schemes were kind of bland, until I found this camo pattern!

B-17 Flying Fortress

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P-51 Mustang

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Heinkel He 111

Another one that I really liked how it ended up looking

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I think your painting has improved as you have painted more. Keep up the good work and most of all - Have Fun!

I know I have more enjoyment playing with painted planes than just white plastic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe I got used to paint little planes haha.

Thanks! I enjoyed painting them for sure. Haven’t got them to the table yet but I really want to! :smile:

Wow, the B-17 and P-51 look amazing. There’s something special about the “fresh off the factory” paint that makes them look really cool. I like the planes with camo patterns, but these ones are some of my favorites. The turrets on the B-17 look great as well! It really highlights how well detailed the miniature is.

Like @mzungu said, it must be a blast to play with these painted miniatures. Post a picture when you get to play with them! :slight_smile:

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Here is one of my games with painted planes. The Corsair was dogfighting and just shot down the “Betty” bomber.

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That table looks awesome!

Yakolev Yak-9

This one turned out a little dark, which I like but my camara didn’t! It wouldnt focus on it because it thought it was a shadow or something. So this camo works IRL :smile:

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Aichi D3A

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Ilyushin Il-4

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Mitsubishi G4M “Betty”

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looks really nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Really digging the looks of the Ilyushin Il-4 and the Betty Bomber! How many are left?

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Just the british bomber! coming soon :smile:

Avro 683 Lancaster!

The final one. I didn’t expect this one to be my favorite. I really like how it turned out and the color combination

End of the project. They are already varnished and ready to be used on some games. Soon I hope!

I’m gonna shill my instagram mini painting page:

I share wargaming and mini painting stuff on there.

Hope you liked it!

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Wow, it really turned out great! Love the camo pattern and the pictures look amazing! Also digging the name you gave your Instagram page, that’s original :slight_smile:

You now have a unique set of airplane miniatures to use in your games, and congrats for finishing the project! :smiley:


Thanks for the comments!

Now I’ll try my hand at scale modelling, it picked my interest. A whole other thing, much much to learn.

Winters was my online nickname on every videogame, inspired on Dick Winters from band of brothers (very original I know), so thats why it’s called like that.